Bay Ridge is a largely middle class neighborhood. With its strong family presence, it is not uncommon to see third or fourth generation families living in the region. Bay Ridge has a sizable Irish, Italian, Greek and Scandinavian population, but like other areas in South/Southwest Brooklyn, late in the 20th century it saw an influx of Polish and Russian immigrants, and lesser numbers of Chinese. Most of its population is Christian, there is also small Jewish minority. In recent decades, a variety of Middle Eastern immigrants have moved to Bay Ridge. Bay Ridge also has many international restaurants and bars, especially along 3rd and 5th Avenue, its main commercial strips. Many refer to the community as "Brooklyn's Gold Coast

Bay Ridge is a neighborhood in the southwest corner of the New York City borough of Brooklyn, USA. It is bound by 65th Street on the north, Interstate 278 on the east, and the Belt Parkway-Shore Road on the west. The portion below 86th Street is a subsection called Fort Hamilton. A small area east of I-278, bounded by 7th Avenue, is also part of Bay Ridge. Bay Ridge is patrolled by the NYPD's 68th [1] Precinct. It is served by Engine 241, Engine 242, and Ladder 109 of the New York City Fire Department

Bay Ridge also has a high elderly population. It has been called a NORC or a naturally-occurring retirement community because many of its families have grown up in the neighborhood while their children move away. In 2006, it was reported that 20% of the population of Bay Ridge is 60 or over.[2] Local newspapers, include The Home Reporter-Sunset News, The Spectator, The Bay Ridge Paper, The Bay Ridge Courier and The Bay Ridge Eagle .

Fort Hamilton, an active military base near the Verrazano Bridge, houses one of the neighborhood's few cultural attractions, The Harbor Defense Museum.[3] Another popular neighborhood attraction is the 69th Street Pier, at Bay Ridge Ave. (aka 69th Street) and Shore Road. It features a sculpture that emits a beam of light as a memorial to those who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks of September 11. This popular pier is a favorite to the local fishermen who fish there daily. Until the middle 20th century a ferry to Staten Island operated from this pier for a nickel fare. Very close to the pier is Owl's Head Park. This park was once the home of Senator Murphy of the City of Brooklyn and it was also the Bliss Estate. It is a 27 acre walking park that has a state of the art skate park, children's play ground and basketball courts. Most of all, the best view of the Narrows off the West Hill

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